Weleda Products are ...

100% natural, organic, plant-based products for wellbeing, health and body care. During a Therapeutic Massage Arnica Massage Balm is used for it's ability to help ease painful muscles and relieve tightness and discomfort. It is recommended that a bottle is taken home for use between massage treatments.

Also useful is Arnica Bath Soak, which is an excellent way to relieve aches and pains after a treatment or following sporting activities.

Weleda's skin Food is the perfect solution for very dry patches of skin, anywhere on the body. It's a hard working cream for hard working hands!

Weleda's homeopathic Oral Sprays are useful treatments to help the body heal itself.

These two products are perfect for the cold season - clear your nose and treat watery eyes and throats with the homeopathic cold relief oral spray and Rhinodoron nasal spray.

 It is often necessary to have a course of several Treatments

 in order to restore the body to full health and reduce stress levels.

See our Special Offers page for course discounts.

Remember we all heal at different rates!


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