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 Clinical Complementary Therapies during Pregnancy

Complementary therapies can be extremely beneficial before and during pregnancy. Reflexology can be used to help to relax and rebalance the whole body and can be used to help the body to prepare for labour, particularly if you have passed your due date.

Reflexology is useful during the whole of pregnancy and can be helpful during conception, where it is important that your hormones are in balance and that you are relaxed and ready to fall pregnant.

During pregnancy your body will change in many ways. The growing baby will take all the nutrients it needs from you, so it is important to eat a balanced healthy diet throughout.

If your back aches or you suffer with muscular pain, a seated massage can be used to support the baby while allowing you space to relax and various massage techniques can be used to alleviate aches and pains that cannot be relieved using pain killers during pregnancy. In the earlier stages of your pregnancy I use The Comfy Client support cushion system which can enable you to receive a massage, lying on the treatment couch, with your bump completely supported.

The most comfortable Body Bolster! Relax during your treatment with The Comfy Client ™ 3 Piece Interlocking Cushion System.

The Comfy Client Body Bolster Cushion offers comfort and support for all massage including pregnancy massage treatments.

It also offers the following benefits:

• Protects and supports breast tissue. No squashing here!
• No facial/sinus pressure or breathing obstruction
• Supports hips and lumbar areas and relieves joint pressure so it is great for arthritic clients
• Comfort & Support during pregnancy & ideal for baby massage 
• Supports all sizes of client both male and female
• Ideal for Post Operative Breast & Abdominal Surgery

 Aromatherapy essential oils should not be used during the first trimester of pregnancy. During this time, plain carrier oils, such as grapeseed or almond oils are used for massage. Certain essential oils should never be used during any period of pregnancy, however, low dilutions using suitable oils can be used safely during the second and third trimesters, if you choose to. Certain essential oils have been traditionally used to help relax the body during labour and a special labour blend of essential oils is available for clients to purchase from Holistic Bliss.

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, consider the benefits of using complementary therapies during a time when drugs and medicines need to be restricted to keep your body and baby safe and healthy. Regular reflexology treatments can be extremely relaxing and therefore beneficial during conception and throughout pregnancy, keeping the body in balance and relaxed in preparation for labour and delivery of your new baby.

Call Cathy on 07833 903855 to book your blissfully relaxing appointment.

At your first appointment, a full medical history is taken to ensure that the appropriate treatment is given to you. You will be asked about any medication that you are taking to ensure that there are no  contra-indications to the Clinical Complementary Therapy treatments being offered.  At Holistic Bliss, Burton, we work towards an integrated approach to maintaining your health.  A combination of treatments is used, if necessary, working in conjunction with your conventional healthcare practitioner.


Clinical Complementary Therapies can help with many varied pregnancy related conditions by encouraging the release of endorphins and enabling relaxation including:

Back pain
Muscular aches and pains
Insomnia and sleep disturbances
... and many others

There are many different Clinical Complementary Therapies.  At Holistic Bliss, Burton, we specialize in relaxation, stress relief and pain management using Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Tissue ReleaseClinical Reflexologyand Clinical Aromatherapy in the Burton on Trent area.  Appointments are available at The Natural Healthcare Centre in Burton on Trent  and some appointments are available in the evening and at weekends.  Home visits can also be arranged if needed, in certain circumstances.  


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