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Clinical Complementary Therapy Services

What is meant by the term Clinical Complementary Therapies?  Find out more about the origins of Clinical Complementary Therapies, more details about the specific services offered by Holistic Bliss and how Clinical Complementary Therapies can be used to improve your health here

Therapeutic Massage
Various massage techniques can be used to provide a unique, holistic (whole person) treatment, according to your specific requirements.  Learn more about Therapeutic Massage here

Myofascial Tissue Release
A specific technique used as part of Therapeutic massage which helps to release connective tissue restrictions, easing painful areas using gentle stretching techniques. Learn more about MFR here

Clinical Reflexology 

I am a highly qualified Clinical Complementary Therapist providing Clinical Reflexology treatments for relaxation and improved well-being.  Learn more about Clinical Reflexology here

Clinical Aromatherapy

I am also a Clinical Aromatherapist and provide individually tailored, essential oil blends and treatments to help your body balance and heal itself. Learn more about Clinical Aromatherapy here

After a Treatment

To find out what you might experience as your body heals, after an holistic treatment, click here 

Manicure Services for the Elderly

I hold a VTCT qualification in Make up and Manicure and also have extensive experience of providing manicure and hand massage treatments for the elderly and specialize in treating people with dementia. For further details click here


My qualifications are listed here

Health Tips

Some useful tips for Good Health can be found on this page

Special Offers

Look out for our special offers for course discounts and seasonal deals here

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