Clinical Aromatherapy is ...

a complementary healthcare therapy using 

topical application of a tailored blend of

essential oils on the whole, or part, of the body.

an holistic treatment which aims to improve

both physical and emotional well being.

Rose essential oil is extremely soothing and very useful for treating hormonal issues for women 

Clinical aromatherapy can be used to enhance the well-being of the mind, body and spirit.

If you would like to read A Brief History of Aromatherapy, please click on the link.

Essential oils are pure plant essences that have a therapeutic effect on the body, can help with common ailments and work in the healing process in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.  

At Holistic Bliss we only use medical grade quality essential oils and base oils for our blends.  Essential oils are fragrant, volatile oils extracted from various parts of many common plants all with different properties according to their chemical constituents.  There has been much research carried out into the properties of essential oils.  Some has shown that essential oils can have a positive affect on mood.  Essential oils have been shown to affect brain wave activity producing either a stimulating or a relaxing effect (Stevenson, 1996).  Essential oils can have  various properties including: relaxing, calming, soothing, stimulating, uplifting, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory.

Clinical aromatherapy can be administered in many ways  including: massage of essential oils blended in a carrier oil into the skin, inhalation of essential oils, in compresses, in creams and lotions or in a bubble bath blend.

Clinical Aromatherapy uses unique blends of essential oils created by a highly qualified Clinical Aromatherapist. The blends are designed using in-depth knowledge to work on the specific conditions and needs of each client based on a careful assessment based on a full medical history.  The personalized blend of essential oils will help your body heal itself. The symptoms of arthritis, oedema, fibromyalgia, migraine, depression and many other other medical conditions can all be helped by creating specific essential oil blends.

When combined with a therapeutic massage, tailored to meet your body's needs, clinical aromatherapy can help your muscles to stretch and relax, reducing painful areas and helping your body to heal itself.

After a massage using your own personalized blend of essential oils, home care products such as bath foam or body lotion, containing your blend, can be purchased for use at home, thereby continuing the work of the essential oils between treatments. Click here to read about what you might experience After a Treatment.

Inhaling essential oils stimulates the part of the brain associated with smell - the olfactory system.  This signal is transferred to the brain's limbic system which controls emotions and   memories, causing a variety of chemicals to be  released.  Clinical aromatherapy therefore has the ability to affect the emotions and feelings, help bodily symptoms and work psychologically. 

Clinical Aromatherapy massage stimulates the body's circulation, encourages the elimination of waste, reduces stress and encourages the whole body to relax. It can be especially beneficial to the elderly, who have perhaps suffered a stroke and are confined to bed and can also be helpful to those suffering from dementia. For more information click here to read about Clinical Aromatherapy and The Elderly.

Some of the more common conditions that Clinical aromatherapy can be used to help with include:


 ·   Anxiety, stress or insomnia

 ·   Back Pain

 ·   Muscular aches and pains

 ·   Migraine and Tension Headaches

 ·   Digestive problems

 ·   Grief

 ·   Depression

  ·   Menstrual or menopausal problems

 ·   Arthritis

 ·   Fibromyalgia

 ·   MND

... and many others

 It is often necessary to have a course of several Clinical Aromatherapy

Treatments in order to restore the body to full health and reduce stress levels.

See our Special Offers page for course discounts.

Remember we all heal at different rates!


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